The Tiger – for strings (1st violins, 2nd violins, violas, cellos)



The Tiger – For Strings

(Best for string orchestra. Can be played by string quartet.)

By putting the score on this website, I can’t stop you from copying the score, but I would prefer you didn’t. If you would like to copy the score, please send an e-mail to to arrange sending a donation to the composer.


The composer is not relinquishing any performance rights to this score by publishing the score on this website.

The oddity of placing the words into this score for strings can be explained. This piece was originally written for SATB chorus.  But I feel it sounds best when played by stringed instruments. (It sounds pretty good on the organ, too. You can hear me playing my organ version of it on YouTube). I still hear William Blake’s words every time I hear the piece played by strings.  And, no, although the words appear in the score, the string players are not to sing the words. J

The Tiger