In a previous post  (at  ) I have explained the basics of highly dangerous and toxic radioactivity, both short-term and incredibly long-lasting, that results from the operation of nuclear power plants.

Here is a pointer to a recent article (May 24, 2016)  from Science Magazine on the disastrous effects, much greater than from the Fukushima disaster, that a spent fuel fire would have in the USA.

If you are inclined to do anything about this,  please check out this page from Beyond Nuclear:

Any sane cost-benefit study of the benefits of building and operating nuclear power plants versus the risks to us and succeeding generations from meltdowns, radioactive waste fuel fires, harm from radioactive wastes in the atmosphere and on the ground and in the soil and in underground water supplies and in the oceans, the resulting cancer deaths, and so on, could only legitimately come to one conclusion:  the building and operation of nuclear power plants is criminally insane and the persons who foster this are guilty of criminally negligent homicide.