What a choice!!    The evil of two lessers.

Will you vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

Hillary is one of the most dogmatic and dangerous representatives of brutal, repressive, lethal global capitalism.  Her record as Secretary of State has amply proved this.

Donald is the representative of American fundamentalism, whose devotees are those frustrated Americans who still believe in the capitalism that has left them behind.

Quoting Terry Eagleton, global capitalism is the “system which breeds so much of the anxiety and sense of humiliation off which fundamentalism feeds.”

I will vote for neither Trump nor Clinton.

Instead, I will vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party, whose slogan ‘Time to Reject the Lesser Evil for the Greater Good’ reveals a truth that has been blazingly apparent but woefully ignored for decades in American politics.

I have been told that I’m sanctimonious for voting Green.  Believe me, I’m no saint, I’m not pious, and I have tons of faults.

I have been told that I’m impractical for voting Green.  Believe me, the Germans were not impractical when they voted for the Green Party, putting them into power in a coalition with the Social Democratic Party from 1998-2005. During that period Germany began its turn towards renewable energy and phasing out of nuclear energy, it opposed the Iraq War, it launched a shift in agricultural policy towards a more ecologically friendly agriculture.

Today in Germany, solar industry and environmental technologies are already a significant part of key industries providing jobs. Today, the Greens in Germany hold 10% of the seats in the Federal Parliament (Bundestag).

Be practical. Don’t vote for evil.  Vote Green.

The “vote for the lesser of two evils” paradigm is unsustainable. It has led us to the current critical situation where a vote for either the Democrats or the Republicans is wicked. There is no hope at all in this country, unless we break out of this evil and impractical and witless paradigm.


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