And what should I do in Illyria?


Welcome to the home-page of Lucymarie Ruth

About me:

A sometime composer of music, I love to sing. I graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in music. I worked for 37 ½ years as a mainframe computer-programmer/systems-engineer. I was a volunteer in a nursing home for 3 ½ years, a stint which ended recently. I am a mediocre chess player who nevertheless once beat 6-time US Champion Grandmaster Walter Browne. I am a voracious reader (your books are not safe when I come to visit). I am a democratic socialist, because I prize freedom for all the worlds’ peoples, and take seriously our continuing destruction of the planet. It is a consolation to me that I have at least some Anishinaabe blood coursing through my veins.


Latest posts:

Sherlock Holmes on Climate Change


Mitochondrial Eve’s Lamentation (4 part chorale).

With climate chaos, nuclear proliferation, population explosion, with the powerful too greedy, and desperate to hold onto their control, refusing to address these critical problems, our common mother has a lament for us all.


You will find on this website:

a) A link to Lucy’s Music

If you like classical music, you can choose the following link, and click on the “Music By Lucymarie Ruth” playlist.

If you want to contact me about my music, perhaps even to purchase a copy of one of my scores, please send an e-mail to

b) Music – great performances of great pieces on CD

A list of the pieces of music that I love listening to, and the recorded performances of them that I like the best.

c) Other stuff that I put here from time to time 

Our National Anthem – New Revised Standard Version


Extensive catastrophe in the USA that would result from spent nuclear fuel fire:


Some of my favorite movies:


April Fools 2015:


My ironic comments about my experience in Oakland’s protest over Darren Wilson, my experience during 1969’s Peoples Park demonstations, and my encounter with Mario Savio:


The basic facts one can learn from any textbook on Physics or from the Internet on why building and operating nuclear power plants is criminally insane:



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